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Negative Aspects of Play By: Kitrina Fex While most people think of play as fun, healthy and happy, there are aspects of play that can have negative impacts on early childhood development.

William corsaro

These early projects were to be longitudinal studiesfollowing the lives of subjects over the course of their lifetime.

The Sociology of Childhood (Sociology for a New Century Series) by William Corsaro ()

The mission for the Institute of Child Welfare was to provide a quality nursery school for children while giving scholars and students easy access to a young population for observation and research. Jones, the Director of the Institute of Human Development from Jones Child Study Center has contributed to the field of child development.

The scope of the research spans many domains of mental and social functioning. A few examples of work include: The development and restandardization of the Bayley Scales of Infant Development. These infant scales became the accepted standard for behavioral and motoric assessment of infants and young children.

Nancy Bayleyan original member of the research staff of the Institute, was the first administrator of the Jones Child Study Center.

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Examples of such longitudinal studies include the work of Jack and Jeanne Blockand Diana Baumrind. Their works address how language is acquired and the developmental interactions between linguistic skills and conceptual and social skills. Her work on the "theory theory" asserts that the world is understood by young children in terms of causal relations between people and objects.

Furthermore, it children behave like active scientists in their approach to understand the physical and social environments around them.

Their work examines differences between children in behavioral and biological e. This work analyzes the difference between children who are vulnerable to stress and children who seem to be resilient in that they adapt well in spite of highly stressful home or school environments.

Their research a identifies socio-economic and cross-cultural differences in the breadth and extent of children's mathematical knowledge prior to entry in elementary schoolb studies the mathematical-learning environments of young children at home and in preschool classrooms, c developed a research-based mathematics curriculum for use in preschool classrooms and at home, and d conducted intervention research to determine the effects of their pre-kindergarten curriculum on children's readiness for school mathematics.

Both low-and middle-income children's mathematical development was significantly enhanced by this curriculum relative to comparison groups of children. Additional archival materials are stored at the University of California Bancroft Library. This exhibition was the preliminary research for Soloman's book American Playgrounds: Jones Child Study Center has provided educational programs for pre-school age children for more than six decades.

The curriculum was originally modeled after England's nursery schools. William Corsaro, a sociologist who has studied preschool and elementary age children in classrooms from different cultures, finds two themes of this first peer group: So it is not just that early childhood education teachers like children to play because children learn when playing, but that the children themselves want to affiliate in play with each other.

A second strong desire in the early years is that children want to figure things out for themselves. Children's development at the Jones Child Study Center is cultivated by spatially defined learning centers, where small group child-generated play experiences happen in a two-level indoor playhouse, several sand-and-water stations outside, spacious and varied large motor opportunities, as well as activities in aestheticsmathematicsscienceliteracy and language -all accessible both indoors and out.

William corsaro

Each area, or ecology, is not only a particular place in the classroom or play yard, it also conveys a set of social expectations for the kind of things children will do at the site. Based on Jones Child Study Center research, an ecology is defined by: Currently, the program offered at the Jones CSC is a full day, year-round program for children ages 2 years nine months to 5 years old.

Priority is given to University of California, Berkeley faculty and staff. Institute of Human Development: Linking Research to Best Practice: Young Children, July, p. Why do people turn out the way they do?

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