The moon and sixpence

Plot summary[ edit ] The novel is written largely from the point of view of the narrator, a young, aspiring writer and playwright in London. Certain chapters entirely comprise accounts of events by other characters, which the narrator recalls from memory selectively editing or elaborating on certain aspects of dialogue, particularly Strickland's, as Strickland is said by the narrator to have a very poor ability to express himself in words.

The moon and sixpence

A mediocre, seemingly unassuming London stockbroker, Strickland suddenly gives up his career, wife of 17 years an uncredited Molly Lamontand children and moves to Paris. Strickland asks Wolfe to bring him back. To Wolfe's surprise, Strickland has not run away with another woman as he had been toldbut because Strickland feels compelled to become a painter.

He exhibits no remorse or shame about abandoning his family and refuses to return to his old life, whereupon his wife divorces him. Despite his strong disapproval of Strickland's callous behavior, Wolfe is intrigued.

Stroeve is a bad painter, but an astute judge of others' talent. When Wolfe asks if he knows Strickland, he confidently states that the man is a great painter, even though he has not sold any of his work and barely ekes out a living with odd jobs.

However, Stroeve's beloved wife Blanche loathes the man. Finding Strickland seriously ill near Christmas, Stroeve persuades a very reluctant Blanche to take him into their happy home, promising to nurse him back to health by himself.

After six weeks, the artist recovers and makes himself at home, even evicting his host from his own studio. When Stroeve asks him to leave, Blanche unexpectedly announces she is going with him.

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Stroeve first tries to throttle Strickland. Then, after regaining his composure, he gives the couple the apartment and departs himself. Later, Strickland discards Blanche he only accepted her because he wanted to study the female formand she commits suicide.

Even after all this, Stroeve offers to put Strickland up at his mother's home in Holland. Tiara had arranged a match between Strickland and her young, infatuated cousin Ata Elena Verdugo.

The moon and sixpence

They marry, live happily on Ata's property, and have a child. Strickland paints as much as he wants. Coutras Albert Bassermann is sent for. He informs Strickland he has contracted leprosy.

Ata refuses to leave him, braving the hostility of their neighbors, though she eventually entrusts their child to others.

Two years later, Coutras is summoned again. He is too late; Strickland is dead.Resins & customs for sale by Bonnie Krueger - 1/19/ Browse galleries of finished horses. The Moon and Sixpence by Somereset Maugham The Moon and Sixpence was Somerset Maugham’s eleventh novel.

A first person narration, it follows Charles Strickland, a remorseless pursuer of artistic fuifillment in painting. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

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The moon and sixpence

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