Sierra leone photo essay

The full-time workers in the church will generally believe this to the point of DEATH by not going to hospitals or doctors. They believe this is their "home calling".

Sierra leone photo essay

The Convention on the Rights of the Child was the first instrument to incorporate the complete range of international human rights— including civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights as well as aspects of humanitarian law.

The articles of the Convention may be grouped into four categories of rights and a set of guiding principles. By clicking on any of the categories below, you can link to a plain-language explanation of the applicable articles in the Convention. Additional provisions of the Convention articles 43 to 54 discuss implementation measures for the Convention, explaining how governments and international organizations like UNICEF will work to ensure children are protected in their rights.

You can see the full text of the Convention by clicking on the link in the box on the right. The guiding principles of the Convention include non-discrimination; adherence to the best interests of the child; the right to life, survival and development; and the right to participate.

They represent the underlying requirements for any and all rights to be realized. These are rights to the resources, skills and contributions necessary for the survival and full development of the child. They include rights to adequate food, shelter, clean water, formal education, primary health care, leisure and recreation, cultural activities and information about their rights.

These rights require not only the existence of the means to fulfil the rights but also access to them. Specific articles address the needs of child refugees, children with disabilities and children of minority or indigenous groups.

These rights include protection from all forms of child abuse, neglect, exploitation and cruelty, including the right to special protection in times of war and protection from abuse in the criminal justice system.

Children are entitled to the freedom to express opinions and to have a say in matters affecting their social, economic, religious, cultural and political life.

Participation rights include the right to express opinions and be heard, the right to information and freedom of association. Engaging these rights as they mature helps children bring about the realization of all their rights and prepares them for an active role in society.

The equality and interconnection of rights are stressed in the Convention. Human rights provisions Children and young people have the same basic general human rights as adults and also specific rights that recognise their special needs. Because the Convention on the Rights of the Child CRC brings together rights articulated in other international treaties there are many parallels between the Convention and other treaties.

Sierra leone photo essay

The five other core human rights instruments are: Among other rights found in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and shared with one or more of these instruments are: All human rights instruments prohibit any discrimination—distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference—in the provision, protection and promotion of rights.

In other words, everyone has the human rights in these treaties, irrespective of their race, sex, religion, national origin or any other trait. The Race Convention wholly prohibits discrimination based on race, national origin or ethnicity and outlines steps that governments must take to end it.

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Article 10 of the ICCPR broadly states this right and the Convention on the Rights of the Child specifies that children in this situation must be treated in a way that takes their age into account; Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion Article These examples show that the Convention on the Rights of the Child is founded on rights inherent to everyone, but that it also builds on concerns for the specific needs and vulnerabilities of children.

For the text of any of the human rights conventions, see the box at right.Enroll in the Cultural Competency Certificate Program. Ethics and Photography in Developing Countries Introduction.

Those who take photos while participating abroad have an ethical responsibility to preserve the dignity of their subjects and provide a faithful, comprehensive visual depiction of their surroundings so as to avoid causing public misperceptions.

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But damage to the environment is not the inevitable result of diamond mining – there are ways to mitigate the effects. Photo Essay: Diamond Mining in Sierra Leone. Partnership Africa Canada. Sierra Leone has one of the highest burdens of malaria in the world. The country's entire population is at risk of the disease and it is one of Sierra Leone’s leading causes of death and illness.

Our photo essay explores progress in reducing malaria cases and impacts in the West African country. What’s New at Rachel’s Place!

Here is where you will find all updates to Rachel’s Place, including direct links (in yellow) to the updated areas!♥ November 2, Sydney Lovekiss is . The Pentecostal Mission (TPM) or New Testament Church (NTC) or Universal Pentecostal Church (UPC) or Ceylon Pentecostal Mission (CPM), is a pentecostal denomination which was founded in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in In some countries, the church is known under other names.

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