Scholarly essays on abortion

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Scholarly essays on abortion

She was twenty fours years old and a single mother of one child. She had moved in with a new boyfriend and promptly quit her job. She no longer had a vehicle, since she had been in a car accident weeks earlier, so there was not much prospect of her finding work.

A few weeks into this new relationship, she found herself pregnant. This was completely unplanned, but they both seemed to be very excited about it.

Scholarly essays on abortion

A month later, however, the situation radically changed. She found her boyfriend to be possessive and abusive. She decided to move out one day while he was at work.

Because she had no money, no job, and no car, she was forced to temporarily stay with some family. That situation turned volatile very quickly as well. At this point she had to make a decision: Because I know her, I know that this was a very difficult decision for her to make.

In the end she chose to have an abortion. Because of her decision to have an abortion, five Scholarly essays on abortion later, she is in a much better situation.

She has a full time job, a car, and her own apartment. She also now has two beautiful children. About a year after he abortion, she had a much more stable life and when she found herself pregnant unplanned, though it was she chose to have the baby.

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This time she knew she would be able to properly care for the child. I firmly believe that this woman made the best choice for herself. No one should be allowed to interfere with such a difficult and personal decision.

My reasons for these beliefs are not based solely on this one woman that I know; they are in fact based firmly in facts. To begin with, abortion is not such a black and white issue, as most pro-lifers think it is.

A woman could have any number of reasons for wanting an abortion. For example, entopic pregnancies pregnancies in which the embryo implants somewhere other than the uterus, often in the fallopian tubes are highly dangerous and most doctors advise abortion in these cases.

There are also other medical conditions such as endometriosis, high or low blood pressure, as well as a variety of mental health problems. Another reason for a woman to want an abortion would be in the case or rape or incest. To be violated in that way, to have the feeling of all of your rights being taken from you is horrible in and of itself.

However, to become pregnant due to this assault could be tantamount to being violated all over again. I imagine that some women would be able to handle this situation, but for many of us, it is simply asking too much. Other reasons for choosing an abortion can range from problems with the fetus itself, such as severe genetic defects.

While there are many who oppose the idea of aborting a baby because of these defects, the truth of the matter is that not everyone can handle caring for and raising a handicapped child.

The abortion wars in America are typically cast as a battle between choice and life, with one side arguing that a woman's decision about her own body is paramount, and the other, that a developing. "Abortion in Halakhic Literature" by Rabbi David Bleich "Abortion" Compiled by the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance Evangelium Vitae Pope John Paul II's encyclical on the Value and Inviolability of Human Life Address on "Life . An abortion research paper belongs in the same shelf as a euthanasia essay, suicide and capital punishment deals with the question of how ethical we can be in deciding a human being’s basic right to life. Normally, people regard the killing of another living soul with revulsion.

Lastly, there is of course, the most common, unplanned pregnancies. Many of these pregnancies happen to teenagers.

They tend to drop out of high school, go on the dole and are prone to lives of poverty, frustration, and disorder. It is also a simple fact that abortion has been around for centuries. Even in more conservative societies, such as those in the Middle East, abortion was not entirely shunned.

The Humble Libertarian: The Abortion Debate: A Reasoned, Scientific Pro-Life Argument

Having an abortion might have resulted in a fine, but nothing harsher than that. In Rome abortion was actually quite common.abortion should be performed as soon as possible (McFarlane & Meier, ). The use of herbs and plants as contraceptives was passed from the Greeks to the Romans.

The Globalized World Post – | June 15, Abortion and Women’s Rights in the USA Marianna Karakoulaki The GW Post Editor Junior Research Scholar, Strategy International Introduction is marked as a very important year for women’s rights in the USA.

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The Guardian - Back to home. Whether you’re pro-choice or not, the abortion debate is not about you What the abortion debate needs is empathy, not narcissism – empathy that not every. A woman’s right to abortion is rapidly being eroded by the proliferation of state laws banning certain types of abortions.

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