Psychology in protests activities

APA handbook of the psychology of women Vols.

Psychology in protests activities

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Attention is defined as the focusing on specific features of the environment or on certain thoughts or activities according to our text, Goldstein, People crave attention and seek attention to get things said or done.

Whether it is to further a cause, get a point across, or to accomplish a goal, attention is needed. When you look at the recent events going on in America right now, everyone involved is using attention or seeking it in some way. The protesters are looking for attention to get their voices heard, the police are paying attention to every move they make to stay safe and the media is seeking the attention of the public through racy headlines and continuous media coverage.

When you look at all the recent protests around America against police brutality, racism, and injustices it is clear that the protesters want the attention of the federal government and lawmakers. Most of the protesters are using selective attention, which is defined as the focusing of attention on one specific location, object, or message according to our textbook.

Their message is no justice, no peace and that all lives matter. In the majority of cities, the protesting has been peaceful with a few antagonizing individuals mixed in with the crowds. In Dallas, the protest was peaceful until the end when the domestic terrorist showed up and participated in the tragic events we all know about.

It is very sad and unfortunate, and ultimately words cannot describe the pain all those people involved must feel. The police officers involved at all these rallies and protests are using divided attention, which is defined as attending to two or more things at once. When the police officers are on the scene of these protests they have to constantly be paying attention to what is directly in front of them, above them, and around them.

The police also have to use overt attention, which is shifting attention by moving of the eyes. Police officers have to constantly monitor everything and find every threat.

Covert attention is also used by police officers when at these protest. All these types of attention are used by police to maintain the safety of everyone at these rallies and protests.

They constantly tease us with headlines and tell us to stay tuned at 5 or 6 for more information. The media wants our undivided attention so that not only can they report a story, but also so that their ratings rise.

Sometimes I think that they believe, the more outlandish the headline the faster we will give them our undivided attention. Attention is something that is very valuable and meaningful to get things accomplished.

Attention is something that is used and gained every day. Every day I see more athletes and celebrities speaking up about various issues in regards to all the recent protests. The police officers are trying to keep everyone safe at these rallies while focusing their attention to various places.

The media is also doing a great job in covering all the things that are going on and giving the public an unfiltered look at the issues and things going on in America right now.

Overall, I think that if every citizen uses their attention to focus on unifying, the America I love will heal and be a much safer place to live and thrive.The psychology of coordination and common knowledge.

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Psychology in protests activities

Positive Psychology is a scientific field whose knowledge then translates into multiple different exercises, activities, techniques, and interventions that can be used with coaching clients, at work in group settings, by students, employees and anyone who wants more satisfaction and well-being in their professional and personal life.

Klandermans B () The Social Psychology of Protest. Oxford: Blackwell. This book provides an overview of the first two decades of the social psychology of protest. A longitudinal investigation in the context of student protests in Germany.

British Journal of Social Psychology. Google Scholar. Apr 18,  · Researchers Examine The Psychology Of Protest Movements Social science researchers examine whether extreme protest tactics are an effective way for recruiting popular support. The public may not.

Historically, protests have played a vital role in social change. What makes today’s youth motivated to speak up for change as we did in my generation? Education is a big part of the answer. Protests have replaced communication, problem solving, compromise, or even mutual discussion.

Selfishness and materialism seem to have become the norm and are reinforced by our media. The needs of the one appears to be more important than the needs of the many.

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