Patrick varilly thesis

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Patrick varilly thesis

The powerful juxtapositions I visually saw, however, really illuminated a lot of what I just could not understand from books and lectures and even conversations with others. To see such stark contradictory elements all from the same vantage point has forced to understand the Arab-Israeli conflict on a radically different and deeper level.

Furthermore, these were all snapshots of the lived experience of people. More or less, this was real life. She had a beautiful home, no doubt, but one of the first things we were met with her with was her young son who was heading off to his army training in a few weeks.

He should be sneaking beers with his friends and fooling around with his first real girlfriend, not being issued a khaki colored uniform and learning about combat missions. After that experience, I asked some of the Jewish students if they planned to make aliyah and if they said yes I asked if they planned to raise a family in Israel.

The lived reality of Israelis holds so many implications about family life and childhood to me. The weight of this identity literally supersedes any ideas of security, and preserving the sanctuary of this identity becomes an existential goal.

The other image that was particularly jarring was in Hebron, but this visual spoke more to a Palestinian lived reality. I was already kind of overwhelmed by the demography—, Palestinians and Jewish settlers—and the sheer emptiness of the streets. No one is going to sit here.

At the corner was an IDF soldier with an Israeli flag flying from the top of his post and at the top of the building was a security camera swiveling back and forth. Meanwhile, just over the concrete wall sectioning off Hebron, you can see an unblemished city of white buildings and normalcy, an expanse of clean white buildings, probably without bars on their windows or IDF soldiers at their corners.

While I know that this is not necessarily the lived experience of every Palestinian, I do think that this sense of feeling trapped is something that resonates very deeply among most Palestinians.

It was really hard for me to look at that and not immediately think of apartheid. I can only imagine how the apartheid conditions of cities like Hebron fosters this shared feeling of being unjustly treated like second-class citizens.

Furthermore, in the same way that I was baffled by the fact that the boy in the kibbutz was about to go off to the army after living in bomb shelter, the realization that the kids on the roof were going to grow up in these conditions was rather jarring.

How can you expect to resolve the conflict if you have your kids living, breathing, and bathing in conflict?Visualizza il profilo di Anthony Varilly-Alvarado su LinkedIn, la più grande comunità professionale al mondo.

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BIBLIOGRAPHY [23]David Mumford. Abelian varieties. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2nd edition, [24]A.

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Patrick varilly thesis

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Patrick varilly thesis
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