Oracle case study white papers

How Did it End? Mars filed a motion December 16, for the court to dismiss the action with prejudice.

Oracle case study white papers

We now use a single HR system developed on Oracle to manage 82, employees in 39 countries. The result has been a significant improvement in efficiency, a better understanding of our HR processes, and dramatic cost savings. Its diverse product range encompasses air conditioners, digital media, laptops, mobile phones, PC monitors, refrigerators, televisions, and more.

LG Electronics is a long-time user of Oracle technology. The company has implemented Oracle E-Business Suite in its corporate headquarters and is now embarking on an ambitious four-step project to migrate its worldwide offices to the Oracle platform by The ultimate aim is to have all subsidiaries, production facilities, and the Seoul head office using the same Oracle system by The single, integrated Oracle system delivered HR information from around the world in real time, enabling LG Electronics to gain better insight into its workforce and facilitating informed decision-making around recruitment and performance management.

The company also improved efficiency by standardizing processes and lowered costs by introducing self-service HR functions and online learning for employees.

Up until earlyeach subsidiary maintained its own HR system and processes. Established enterprise-wide view of operations across subsidiaries in 39 countries by moving to a centralized HR management platform?? Improved efficiency by standardizing HR processes?? Enhanced HR management by giving senior managers real-time access to information??

Boosted employee satisfaction and eased workload on HR staff by introducing self-service options??

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Boosted staff learning by providing online training This made it extremely difficult, time-consuming, and costly to consolidate HR information for global reporting. Inefficient management procedures were also affecting the ability of HR staff to complete their jobs effectively.

The development of the integrated HR management system began in InLG Electronics began moving its subsidiaries to the system, the first stage in its migration to a global business management platform.

Oracle case study white papers

While general HR programs are managed globally, each subsidiary has the flexibility to oversee matters specific to its operation. Human resources functions are grouped into six categories: The system also allows other categories to be set up to cater for specific requirements.

In addition to establishing a single repository for information, the Oracle-based system is used to distribute and execute HR policies globally. One of the key features of the system is that it is engineered to link HR strategies with business goals so the company can monitor workforce performance against specific objectives or campaigns.

Oracle E-Business Suite Case Study: LG Electronics

This gives them better insight into workforce numbers and the details, qualifications, and performance of individual employees, assisting in informed decision-making. For example, if a position becomes available, HR staff can search the employee database to locate the person most qualified for the job and promote from within, rather than incur the time and costs of external recruitment.

As part of the upgrade, LG Electronics also standardized and streamlined HR management processes across its subsidiaries.For a full description of the new features, read the white paper. BarTender Software for Chemical Labeling BarTender barcode and label software is an integral component of the GHS compliance labeling strategy of the world’s chemical facilities, from ICIS top 10 manufacturers to small, regional operations.

you find its independent white papers, best practice guidance and customer case studies useful in determining whether a two-tier ERP strategy is right for your organization. Case Studies & White Papers. WHITE PAPER: Sampling for Optimal cfDNA Extraction.

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by James Phillips, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Business Intelligence Products Group Today is an exciting milestone, as we release the new Power BI service and Power BI Desktop. A white paper gives the advantages and basis to the usage of a proposed arrangement, while a case study content gives genuine cases to how an answer has settled an issue.

A case study writing ordinarily offers more noteworthy detail than a white paper, except for specialized white papers. 10 acquisitions driving Oracle's cloud strategy Oracle follows a pattern of either acquiring companies that bolster its existing market position in areas such as ERP or CRM, or buying firms that.

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