Nbn advantages and disadvantages

With NBN the internet connection is very fast and accurate. With this advantage mobile doctors can easily send data to medical centre for further treatment of patient. By this patients are consuming there time and has fast and easy access with doctors for their better health.

Nbn advantages and disadvantages

Body features[ edit ] Hagfish are typically about 0. Hagfish have elongated, eel-like bodies, and paddle -like tails. The skin is naked and covers the body like a loosely fitting sock.

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They have cartilaginous skulls although the part surrounding the brain is composed primarily of a fibrous sheath and tooth -like structures composed of keratin.

Colors depend on the speciesranging from pink to blue - greyand black or white spots may be present. Eyes are simple eyespots, not lensed eyes that can resolve images.

Hagfish have no true fins and have six or eight barbels around the mouth and a single nostril. Instead of vertically articulating jaws like Gnathostomata vertebrates with jawsthey have a pair of horizontally moving structures with tooth-like projections for pulling off food.

The mouth of the hagfish has two pairs of horny, comb-shaped teeth on a cartilaginous plate that protracts and retracts. These teeth are used to grasp food and draw it toward the pharynx. It is assumed this is an adaptation to survive predator attacks.

The resting position of the Pacific hagfish also tends to be coiled, while that of the Atlantic hagfish is stretched. When captured and held, e. This singular behavior may assist them in extricating themselves from the jaws of predatory fish or from the interior of their own "prey", and the "sliming" might act as a distraction to predators.

Recently, the slime was reported to entrain water in its microfilaments, creating a slow-to-dissipate, viscoelastic substance, rather than a simple gel. It has been proven to impair the function of a predator fish's gills.

In this case, the hagfish's mucus would clog the predator's gills, disabling their ability to respire. The predator would release the hagfish to avoid suffocation.

Because of the mucus there are few marine predators that target the hagfish. Other predators of hagfish are varieties of birds or mammals. Hagfish slime is under investigation as an alternative to spider silk for use in applications such as body armor.

The esophagus is also connected to the left branchial opening, which is therefore larger than the right one, through a pharyngocutaneous duct esophageocutaneous ductwhich has no respiratory tissue.

This pharyngocutaneous duct is used to clear large particles from the pharynx, a function also partly taking place through the nasopharyngeal canal. In other species the coalescence of the gill openings is less complete, and in Bdellostoma each pouch opens separately to the outside like in lampreys.

The complexity of the hagfish brain has been an issue of debate since the late 19th century, with some morphologists believing that they do not possess a cerebellum while others believe that it is continuous with the midbrain.

Scale bar added for size Eye[ edit ] The hagfish's eye, which lacks a lens, extraocular musclesand the three motor cranial nerves III, IV, and VIis significant to the evolution of more complex eyes. A parietal eye and the parapineal organ are also absent in extant hagfish.

In Myxine and Neomyxine, the eyes are partly covered by the trunk musculature. This would suggest that ancestrally Myxini possessed complex eyes. Hypothetically, they excrete ions in bile salts. They do, however, have true myomeres and myosepta like all vertebrates. The mechanics of their craniofacial muscles in feeding have been investigated, revealing advantages and disadvantages of the dental plate.

In particular, hagfish muslces have increased force and gape size compared to similar-sized jawed vertebrates but lack the speed amplification, suggesting that jaws are faster acting. The notochord is the only skeletal element and the musculature lacks a horizontal and vertical septum. The hagfish skeleton comprises the skull, the notochordand the caudal fin rays.

The first diagram of the hagfish endoskeleton was made by Frederick Cole in The lingual apparatus of hagfish is composed of a cartilage base bearing two teeth-covered plates dental plate articulated with a series of large cartilage shafts.

The nasal capsule is considerably expanded in hagfish, comprising a fibrous sheath lined with cartilage rings. In contrast to lamprey, the braincase is non-cartilaginous.

The role of the branchial arches is highly speculative, as hagfish embryos undergo a caudal shift of the posterior pharyngeal pouches, and thus, the branchial arches do not support gills.The headphone jack is an endangered species.

IPhone X or iPhone 8? Price, size, camera all factor in your buying decision | ZDNet

Apple got rid of it when they released the iPhone 7, Google laughed at them, and then Google went and got rid of it with their second generation Pixel. Apple will start accepting pre-orders for the iPhone X on Friday, with some early purchasers getting delivery the following week.

Should you spend the extra bucks on an X, or is an iPhone 8 or 8. NBN advantages and disadvantages NBN (National Broadband Network) in Australia has wide area and largest infrastructure which has great option for business in public and private sector. With NBN the internet connection is very fast and accurate.

Nbn advantages and disadvantages

Pros and cons of NBN? (lausannecongress2018.comlia) submitted 7 years ago by [deleted] The Desal plant is a multi billion dollar shit heap that is going to double our water prices.

The NBN is going to cost the same over the same period of time and this is the debate, not the desal plant. Sep 18,  · This article addresses first the definition of a (care) pathway, and then follows a description of theories since the s.

It ends with a discussion of theoretical advantages and disadvantages of care pathways for patients and professionals. Whether it's NBN Mark I (a fibre-to-the-node or VDSL network) using copper for last mile access, or a nationwide wireless network, there are alternatives to the NBN that each have their benefits and disadvantages when compared to fibre.

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