Illegal drug essays

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Illegal drug essays

We are always looking for better ways to influence our lives Illegal drug essays the positive.

Illegal drug essays

Forward-thinking people have made the human experience better and better over time. If you look back at the past years, you cannot help but see signs of incredible progress in almost every area of human life. However, as our population continues to increase and the side effects of progress pollution and toxicity continue to have adverse effects on the health of the public, we need to take a closer look at health care in Illegal drug essays country.

While it is true that progress in technology has enabled huge advancements in looking inside the human body for diagnostic purposes, has facilitated the creation of drugs that improve the quality of life and fostered incredible surgical intervention which has enabled millions of people to heal from trauma; become free from chronic pain; and live longer than they otherwise would have, we are now faced with an ever-increasing problem.

More and more people are suffering from chronic pain than ever before and unfortunately our current paradigm of medical care is all too quick to medicate these people with narcotic analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs that may relieve pain but also can cause disabling side effects.

These drugs add toxic load to a system already under attack by the onslaught of toxins overwhelming our environment, air, food and water. As a doctor specializing in treating chronic foot and ankle pain for more than 35 years, it has been my commitment for the past 30 years to heal the pain my patients suffer with while at the same time assisting them in improving their overall health.

Illegal drug essays

This is the missing link in our current traditional medical system. We need to minimize the need for ongoing chronic care and this cannot be accomplished with drug therapy.

The pink elephant in the examination rooms across America is nature. Nature is largely ignored as a source of treatment and more importantly, as a source of understanding human pathology.

We are unmistakably an intimate part of nature. Every function of the human body is pre-ordained by nature.

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When we look at the natural functioning of the human body and associate it with its natural environment, we will unravel the clues to understanding how best to treat the burgeoning lifestyle and environmentally induced pathology we are now dealing with.

That said, we now find ourselves at the cutting edge of a new, safe, natural and supportive approach to treating chronic pain. And this approach is borne out of an understanding of a critically important natural physiologic system of the human body…the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a network of receptors in the human body that may well be the backbone of homeostasis the efficient functioning of all systems of the human body.

Expose illegal stalking by corrupt law enforcement personnel

These receptors serve as a signaling system in the human body and they are present in the central nervous system CB1 receptors as well as the peripheral nervous system and immune system CB2 receptors.

This system was discovered and named as a result of studying the effects of marijuana derived from the plant cannabis sativa. These are the very same effects induced by endogenous neurotransmitters and endorphins — naturally occurring chemicals in the human body- that are the guardians of homeostasis.

These naturally occurring chemicals can either keep our bodies running smoothly or intervene on behalf of health threats to guide the immune system to either repair and replace our cells primary inflammation or to protect the cells that cannot be repaired or replaced chronic inflammation.

With this understanding, we begin to see that instead of using drugs to block pain and inflammation, supporting and stimulating the endocannabinoid system can drive the human body to heal and repair.

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When we ingest drugs that block pain and inflammation, we are essentially blocking our defense mechanisms. To be clear, each night when we go to sleep, the pathway of primary inflammation works to detoxify our cells, repair injured cells and replace dead cells.

This is a natural pathway that produces no pain and is essential for the maintenance of homeostasis. This is why sleep is so important. However, if the immune system is burdened by poor quality food the kind they sell in every supermarket in Americatoxins from air and water, high levels of stress, lack of sleep and any number of other mechanisms causing immune deficiency, the pathway of primary inflammation will be overwhelmed and inefficient.Jun 02,  · Whether it is a legal or illegal drug, everyone is effected at some time or another.

The positive effects of the use of legal or prescription drugs, is necessary for healing and pain management. The negative effects .

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