Effects of verbal and visual stimuli

Table 2 - Mean Percent of Correct Source Judgment Responses for Participants in Each Condition Memory for source involves correctly identifying the context in which an item was experienced. Any aspect of context can be considered in testing source memory accuracy e.

Effects of verbal and visual stimuli

Few studies have investigated the neural bases of VWM using auditory stimuli, and fewer have explored modality differences in VWM. Performance levels were similar in the two modalities and there was extensive overlap of activation bilaterally in the dorsolateral and ventrolateral prefrontal cortex DLPFC and VLPFCintraparietal sulcus, supramarginal gyrus and the basal ganglia.

Effects of verbal and visual stimuli

However, a direct statistical comparison revealed significant modality differences: No such differences were observed in the right hemisphere. Other modality differences in VWM were also observed, but they were associated with relative decreases in activation.

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In particular, we detected bilateral suppression of the superior and middle temporal auditory cortex during vis-VWM, and of the occipital visual cortex during aud-VWM, thus suggesting that cross-modal inhibitory processes may help to provide preferential access to high-order heteromodal association areas.

Taken together, our findings suggest that although similar prefrontal and parietal regions are involved in aud-VWM and vis-VWM, there are important modality differences in the way neural signals are generated, processed and routed during VWM.

Previous article in issue.Stimulating Fear Reduction: Visual Stimulus, Verbal and Spatial Concentration and Their Effects on Fear Studies have suggested that visual stimuli evoking. Hence, we expected slower reaction times for the visual and auditory stimuli performed with verbal heavy metal than those performed with instrumental music.


So, we hypothesized that background music would slower the speed ofprocessing and thus lengthen reaction time to visual and auditory stimuli.

Based on the visual-aligned ERPs, classification accuracy was also analyzed to seek the effects of visual-to-auditory delays. Results: The latencies of ERP components depended mainly on the visual stimuli . Most forms of print advertising contain both verbal and non-verbal elements in the conveyed message.

Effects of verbal and visual stimuli

Considerable research has examined the use of nonverbal and verbal elements in print advertising and their impact upon consumer information processing.

However, research has not yet examined the. Although our stimuli were matched for arousal, valence, and imageability in each stimulus condition in a pilot study, the inner-scanner ratings of the stimuli revealed differences in mean valence ratings for positive stimuli between verbal and pictorial stimuli (mean verbal = , SD = ; mean pictorial = , SD = ; F(1,79) = , p = ).

The Effects of Naming Experiences and Properties of Visual Stimuli on Language Acquisition and the Relationship between Curiosity and Naming Orlans, Sarah Elizabeth Children typically acquire language rapidly during their first few years of life.

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