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The World Bank in its report stated that India has improved its rank on six out of the 10 parameters influencing the ease of doing business, one of which is the insolvency resolution process. The IBC, introduced inseeks to consolidate all the laws involving insolvency and bankruptcy such that the functioning of non-performing assets NPAs is resolved at the earliest. The NPAs have been a cause of concern for the banking sector for a very long time and have been increasing exponentially over the last two years.

Doing business report ranking poker

Mauritius, Cyprus, Cayman Islands, UAE and China are among 25 high-risk jurisdictions identified by global banks, acting as custodians for offshore funds.

The new rules issued in April by the Securities and Exchange Board of India necessitate greater scrutiny for large investors or BOs of funds investing into India through high-risk jurisdictions. Entities owning 10 per cent stake or more in funds originating from high-risk jurisdictions would be considered BOs.

Funds investing from such jurisdictions will have to comply with the Know Your Customer requirement applicable to category-III foreign portfolio investors.

India Inc cheers jump in World Bank ease of doing business ranking | Business Standard News

This includes providing financial information of the fund and identity proof of ultimate BOs, and authorised signatories.

While funds that run a diversified portfolio might still be comfortable with giving out this additional information, some might look to wind down their funds or move to another jurisdiction altogether.

doing business report ranking poker

A few Indian-based fund managers from Mauritius, in fact, have already initiated the process of unwinding and surrendering their offshore fund licence, said sources. Singapore is the favoured destination as it has traditionally had a stable fund management regime; also, its tax treaty with India is similar to that of Mauritius, believe experts.

Inthe Government of India amended its tax treaties with Mauritius, Singapore and Cyprus, moving to source-based taxation for capital gains on sale of shares. By the amended treaty with Singapore, capital gains tax will be imposed at 50 per cent of the prevailing domestic rate for two years beginning April 1, The full rate will apply from April 1, Beside Singapore, Netherlands and Britain are attractive for funds -- they have a concessional tax regime for dividends and capital gains and it is easy to build substance in these countries.

Other relevant portions of the press release regarding the ranking state the following:

The Dutch treaty also provides for capital gains tax exemption in India for transfer to non-residents. On the flip side, it is costlier to set up funds in these European countries than in Singapore. Funds looking at Luxembourg, on the other hand, are unsure if the Luxembourg-India treaty is applicable to funds.

Offshore funds are among the largest groups of investors putting money into the Indian stock market.

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In recent months, however, they have been taking money off the table.Doing business doing business in a more transparent world - summary report (Russian) Abstract. Doing Business is the ninth in a series of annual reports published by .

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Egypt ranked out of countries in the World Bank Group’s Doing Business report for This is an improvement from last year when Egypt was ranked out of Pakistan’s ranking for “Ease of Doing Business” in various areas remained as following: overall ranking: , starting a business—, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, getting credit- , protecting minority investors, paying taxes, trading across borders, enforcing contracts and resolving insolvency Jan 16,  · What up, YouTube Peeps!

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doing business report ranking poker
Ireland Moves Up the Rankings in Ease of Doing Business Report