Digital media essay topics

Collaborative Essay Collection Wikibook. As the title suggests, this is a book which seeks to record contributions to the understanding of a specific set of topics, loosely grouped under the subject area of "Digital Culture", of particular salience to It is an assessed educational project.

Digital media essay topics

Digital Media Ethics by Stephen J. Ward Digital media ethics deals with the distinct ethical problems, practices and norms of digital news media. Digital news media includes online journalism, blogging, digital photojournalism, citizen journalism and social media. A revolution in ethics A media revolution is transforming, fundamentally and irrevocably, the nature of journalism and its ethics.

The means to publish is now in the hands of citizens, while the internet encourages new forms of journalism that are interactive and immediate.

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Our media ecology is a chaotic landscape evolving at a furious pace. Professional journalists share the journalistic sphere with tweeters, bloggers, citizen journalists, and social media users. Amid every revolution, new possibilities emerge while old practices are threatened.

Today is no exception. The economics of professional journalism struggles as audiences migrate online. Shrinkage of newsrooms creates concern for the future of journalism. Yet these fears also prompt experiments in journalism, such as non-profit centers of investigative journalism.

Most of the principles were developed over the past century, originating in the construction of professional, objective ethics for mass commercial newspapers in the late 19th century. We are moving towards a mixed news media — a news media citizen and professional journalism across many media platforms.

Media ethics needs to be rethought and reinvented for the media of today, not of yesteryear. Tensions on two levels The changes challenge the foundations of media ethics. The challenge runs deeper than debates about one or another principle, such as objectivity.

The challenge is greater than specific problems, such as how newsrooms can verify content from citizens.

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The revolution requires us to rethink assumptions. What can ethics mean for a profession that must provide instant news and analysis; where everyone with a modem is a publisher? The media revolution has created ethical tensions on two levels. On the first level, there is a tension between traditional journalism and online journalism.

The culture of traditional journalism, with its values of accuracy, pre-publication verification, balance, impartiality, and gate-keeping, rubs up against the culture of online journalism which emphasizes immediacy, transparency, partiality, non-professional journalists and post-publication correction.

On the second level, there is a tension between parochial and global journalism.

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If journalism has global impact, what are its global responsibilities? Should media ethics reformulate its aims and norms so as to guide a journalism that is now global in reach and impact? What would that look like? Whither ethics in a world of multi-media, global journalism?

Media ethics must do more than point out these tensions.Digital media allows almost everyone to be involved in the creation of content distributed across the Internet.

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Digital media essay topics

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Digital media Whether the digital era improves society is up to its users – that's us Danah Boyd. Topics. Digital media Opinion Social media Internet Facebook Twitter Newspapers. This is the opening page to the Creating Digital Media & Culture: Collaborative Essay Collection Wikibook..

As the title suggests, this is a book which seeks to record contributions to the understanding of a specific set of topics, loosely grouped under the subject area of "Digital .

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