An analysis of the neuropsychological performance in college of football players

A discriminant function analysis using neuropsychological testing of athletes 24 hours after acute in-season concussion compared with controls resulted in an overall These variables may be detrimentally synergistic and should receive further study. The management of mild traumatic brain injury MTBI; eg, concussion, defined as a traumatically induced alteration in mental status not necessarily resulting in loss of consciousness in athletics is currently one of the most compelling challenges in sports medicine. Despite the high prevalence 1 and potentially serious outcomes 23 associated with concussion, systematic research on this topic is lacking.

An analysis of the neuropsychological performance in college of football players

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Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 57, Cognitive control of pain: Attention to the sensory aspects of the cold pressor stimulus. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 7, Mother-infant interaction and the development of competence.IntroductionThe Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test (PASAT) is one of the tests most frequently used by neuropsychologists to assess attentional processing (Gordon & Zillmer, ).This popular serial addition task was developed as an experimental tool to examine the role of immediate memory and attention where the stimuli were presented .

A recent study by Crisco et al. examined head impact exposure in collegiate football players and found that the average number of impacts received by an individual player during a single season was with a maximum of 2, [].These impacts vary in severity based on their position.

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Rob Hudson*(1), Dr. Brandon Spradley(1) (1)Faculty member of the United States Sports Academy *Corresponding Author: Rob Hudson Director of. STATS Dynamix is an affordable online analysis platform designed to help coaching staff optimize athlete performance and minimize injury risk by evaluating workloads across training and .

This cohort study uses data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study to estimate the association of playing high school football in the s with cognitive impair.

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The college football players were followed up for a total of player-seasons. Our study resulted in reported concussions among players (12 concussions were prospective repeat concussions).

An analysis of the neuropsychological performance in college of football players

Of the incident concussions, 94 were included in the assessment group.

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