Air quality index and cell

See above short videos about avoiding Gasoline Fumes and other Petroleum Vapors The large numbers of these garage apartment health hazard cases has me thinking that some type of legislation may be necessary to protect tenants from these toxic home scenarios. I think environmental health and safety laws should be passed to deter property owners from renting such spaces where toxic chemicals are used or stored below, including the operation or storage of anything with an internal combustion engine.

Air quality index and cell

Contact Us Air Quality and Smoke Monitoring During summer, ozone Air quality index and cell fine particles from sources to our west occasionally degrade Yosemite air quality. Sometimes, smoke from local or regional fires also contribute.

By the end of September though, ozone usually diminishes due to lower levels due to cooler fall temperatures, lower angle sunlight, and shorter days. Fires continue to occur in the fall before or until the rains come—as late as December in a dry year. Check back and scroll down to see the most current information on air quality and smoke impacts in Yosemite.

Various agencies in California provide statewide smoke information. Current nationwide conditions are mapped below. NOAA also has a map showing smoke plumes.

Regional ozone, from AIRNow. Direct links to other Yosemite webcams are below: While the graph plots both the 1-hour and running hour average PM2.

The standard is exceeded when the hour concentrations go above 35 micrograms per cubic meter. You can also view graphs from Yosemite Village and El Portal. Campfires Some Yosemite campgrounds have many campsites and campfires. Emissions from many simultaneous campfires can degrade air quality on a local scale.

This is especially true in the nighttime and early morning hours, when inversions trap and concentrate fine particles from those campfires near the ground, creating local conditions that are potentially unhealthy for sensitive individuals. Ozone Ozone and Human Health in Yosemite Because ozone pollution near the ground is usually only a concern on hot, sunny days, the ozone season runs May through September.

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Ozone is therefore rarely a human health concern in Yosemite during other times of the year. Learn more about ozone and its health effects at AIRNow. Where in Yosemite is Ozone Usually a Concern?

Alerts In Effect The smoke is from local sources such as wood stoves and from wildfire smoke from fires burning in California. Determining the exact source can be tricky.
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Historically, data show that ozone is worst in the Yosemite frontcountry e. At sites like these, ozone is often reaches levels unhealthy for sensitive individuals asthmatics or others with respiratory ailments. These unhealthy days often coincide with days that are unhealthy Orange AQI in the Central Valley, to the west, which is the primary source of this ozone.

In more sheltered areas like the Yosemite Valley and remote, high-elevations areas like Tuolumne Meadows, ozone is usually much lower, and is rarely unhealthy even on most polluted of days.

Highest levels of ozone on a given day usually occur in late afternoon and evening. If you have a respiratory condition, such as asthma, consult a doctor before exercising strenuously in frontcountry areas during late afternoon periods when high ozone might occur.

Yosemite Ozone Monitoring Yosemite has been monitoring ozone at three sites for several years now: View current and recent ozone concentrations at Turtleback Dome just west of Yosemite Valley. The chart shows both the 1-hour and running 8-hour average ozone concentration, but only the 8-hour average should be used to compare with the standard.

The standard is exceeded when the 8-hour concentrations reach or go above 70 parts per billion. The National Park Service tracks the days when the ozone standard is exceeded in the parks.Central Pollution Control Board is executing a nation-wide programme of ambient air quality monitoring known as National Air Quality Monitoring Programme (NAMP).The network consists of Six hundred and Eighty Three () operating stations covering Three Hundred () cities/towns in twenty six (29) states and four (6) Union Territories of the country.

Air-pollution levels have been trending downward progressively over the past several decades in southern California, as a result of the implementation of air quality–control policies. We. Before you resort to buying an air purifier, try some simple steps to reduce indoor air irritants, including.

Vacuum often and thoroughly with a vacuum with HEPA filtration. Ban smoking indoors. For more information: Air Quality Health Index Variation across British Columbia (PDF) - An overview of the Air Quality Health Index and how it has been developed to provide British Columbians with an estimate of short-term health risk .

Because people spend a lot of time indoors, the quality of the air indoors can affect their health. Remodeling or renovating an existing home has the potential to release indoor pollutants.

There is a long-standing dispute about indoor air humidity and perceived indoor air quality (IAQ) and associated health effects.

Air quality index and cell

Complaints about sensory irritation in eyes and upper airways are generally among top-two symptoms together with the perception “dry air” in office environments.

Air Quality Health Index - Province of British Columbia